Whats so special about Bath Bombs? OMG! Really?

 Well, just to make a bath bomb that works is pretty darn special! Don't believe me, just try it and get back with me later! Hahaha. But the most amazing thing about bath bombs is how they can totally change the bathing experience. Aside from the changing color of the bath water (which is pretty cool itself) you have the added benefit of soaking in something that smells amazing without the worry of growing a spiral pointy object from the center of your forehead. At Sunrise one of our main ingredients in over 90% of our products is Sunflower Oil which helps to moisturize the skin. We only use high quality phthalate-free fragrances or essential oils for that added touch of sheer delight! Who doesn't love a great fragrance to change your mood from blah blah to wow? Life is simply amazing! Did I mention we includes tons of positive energy and of course some humor; free of cost! There is simply nothing like using a Sunrise Artisan Bath Bomb to set the mood and the experience of pampering yourself! So give it a try. I think you will agree with us!